Board of Directors

Timothy Guerin

President and CEO: “We like challenges. In fact, we’re motivated by them.”

Tim is Burgess Steel’s President and CEO. He sees his job as “a problem solver” – an apt description to a role where the proverbial buck stops. With a Civil Engineering and Operations Manager’s background, Tim prefers not to run from problems, but embrace them. As the coordinating engine that puts the “service” in “customer service,” Tim manages the communication conduits among employees, suppliers and customers. With his direction, the Burgess CAD/CAM fabrication process maintains its cutting edge, and the company’s electronic communications technology is ahead of the curve. Tim views the “can do” attitude as his responsibility to imbue throughout the organization, maintaining a project’s schedule or creating alternative solutions as routine parts of the job.

James Guerin

Vice President of Sales and Marketing:  “Our mission is to be our clients’ most valued and trusted steel contractor, accomplishing this through quality, integrity and reliability.

Jim is Burgess Steel’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. His position is the embodiment of the company’s credo that service and personal relationships are important. Jim learned the steel business from “the ground up,” working through the fabrication shop, welding, driving the truck, laying out steel, estimating, purchasing and the like. With his background in Marketing, his move into the office afforded Burgess the opportunity to solidify its philanthropic and family-oriented business thrusts: Jim oversees the fundraisers, invitational golf outings, employee and client get-togethers and milestone events that set the company apart from others in the industry. Under his guidance, charities such as Tomorrow’s Children’s Fund and The Imus Ranch have benefited from yearly Burgess contribution growth from $15,000 to over $400,000.

Matthew Guerin

Vice President and Chief Estimator: “The harder the project is, the better off we are.”

Matt has 20 years of experience in steel construction. He has worked in the shop, driven the trucks, welded the steel, consulted with engineers, and negotiated with owners. As head of the estimating department, he understands the complete process by which steel is budgeted, estimated, fabricated, detailed, delivered and installed. He is intimately familiar with many of the buildings in Manhattan and the Tri-State area. He is able to give our customers the benefits of his experience and has established relationships throughout the industry. With his guidance, Burgess Steel has grown to over $40 million in sales per year. Matt is also a great chef who frequently prepares gourmet meals for our friends, staff and clients in our kitchen in Englewood.

Thomas J. Parisi

Chief Financial Officer: “Service is what separates us from the competition.”

Tom graduated from FDU in Rutherford with a BS in Accounting and an MBA in Finance and Economics. He has been a strong force at Burgess Steel for the past 30 years. During his tenure sales have risen from 2 to over 30 million annually. Through his many banking relationships he has been able to provide the short term working capital necessary to start up projects and the long term fabrication equipment financing to enable the company to remain competitive. Tom has also been able to secure a 40 million dollar bonding facility to be used as required. When you combine Burgess Steel’s financial strength with the construction expertise of our employees the customer is the winner.

Gary James

Assistant Vice President of Sales & Estimating

Gary  has been an integral member of the Burgess team for over 30 years. He has extensive experience in construction which includes knowledge of the intricacies of highly specialized load transfer alterations of existing structures and new building construction, particularly out of concrete. He is also responsible for budgeting projects from the initial concept to the final construction design. He has served as a senior project manager for some of our most challenging projects including the Ritz Carleton, Trump Tower and Hotel, 55 Water Street, J.P. Morgan, and ING Baring. He is a tremendous asset to our organization. When he isn't working at Burgess, he is on the ski slopes. 

Eugene Guerin

Founder: “We just don’t put up buildings...we keep them from falling down.”

Gene is one of the original founders of Burgess Steel. He is now retired and serves as a part time consultant.  His close to 50 years of engineering, construction and business expertise are provided on an as need basis. Gene continues to be an extremely valuable asset to Burgess Steel, the company that he created on specialty projects.